Sunday, February 10, 2008

Escaping disaster in PDX

Being in a band isn't about making every show your best show, it's about making sure every show isn't a complete disaster. The show last night in Portland almost landed in the latter category. Here is why:
  • Jonah chipped a tooth. A crazed fan fell on the microphone stand and the stand fell on Jonah's tooth. That's okay though, because I fastened him a new tooth out of a lime Jolly Rancher and Elmer's glue.
  • We left Steve's entire set of guitar pedals (suggested retail value: $500) in Mount Vernon, WA two nights ago. That's okay though, Jonah rigged him a new distortion pedal out of tinfoil, human hair, and coffee cake.
  • Wil from Aiden broke Ryann's mic stand. That's okay though, because Steve made a new stand out of toothpicks. 
  • I lost $20 betting Wil he couldn't break Ryann's mic stand.
Still, though, last night was awesome. The Sacramento show starts in an hour. 

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