Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The highlight reel

We have been on tour for close to two weeks now and a lot has happened that didn't make the blog. Here's a recap of the highlights.

Best food: While "In 'N Out" and "Dellas" in Eugene, OR ranked high on the list (see Ryann's Monte Cristo), the surprising winner is the Santa Fe Cattle Co. in Oklahoma City. The sirloin steak and the cinnamon butter rolls are unbeatable.

Best coffee: French press at "Peet's Coffee and Tea."

Quote of the week: "Don't taze me!"

Worst venue bathroom: The Launchpad, New Mexico. See Steve illustrate.

Best roadside attraction: Donner Pass. Yes, that Donner Pass.

Best rollercoaster: We only went on one, but Wild Bill's rollercoaster in Primm, NV is furious.

Best show: All of them. D'uh.

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