Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Re-enacting Bloodsport, Part I: Reno

In a move nothing at all like the elegance of Jean Claude Van Damme, Steve knocked a kid out. You see, Steve has these notorious-but-apelike roundhouse kicks that he breaks out for attention every now and then. I think he retired the roundhouse after last night.

While Steve was moshing during Enter Shikari's set, one of his kicks landed upside the face of a 15-year-old boy. They fell to the ground, him on top of Steve, and the poor kid was out for a couple minutes. He got up, his face was dripping with blood. He bit his tooth. Fortunately, Steve settled the lawsuit out of court by giving the kid three free cds and a t-shirt. The kid looked at the event as a learning experience: "If you're gonna mosh...make sure there isn't some apelike guy with an afro doing roundhouse kicks." Look for Re-enacting Bloodsport, Part II later today.

To recap the last couple of days: all shows were awesome. We played Reno last night and tonight we're rocking Modesto, CA. I promise some pictures as soon as I sort out some technological shortcomings.

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