Saturday, February 9, 2008

Welcome to my blog. Why am I here?

You can thank the obscenities on the wall. We were on a recent tour with the Fall of Troy and I was sitting backstage at some venue on the other side of the country, probably near zip code 48201. I was entranced by the graffiti blanketing the room: various abstract caricatures of the human phallus, essays about what some guy wanted to do to another guy's mother, and numerous half scratched-off stickers of no-name bands that all have really great Myspace pages. Then the epiphany: this backstage is a microcosmic world of being on tour! And the fans need to know! There are backstages to the venues all across the country, of all shapes, sizes, colors, smells and tastes. And fans need to know! They need to understand the world this graffiti represents!

So, while I promise I won't detail the odours of every backstage across America, I do promise occasional updates about what myself and the Schoolyard Heroes are doing on tour: the restaurants we get fat at, the casino's we go broke in, the couches we have nightmares on, the occult incantations we are brainwashed on, and the science-fiction we depend on.

Our month-long tour with Aiden starts today in Portland, Ore! This will be awesome.

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